a rant about black lipstick

so today the tøp merch as well as the leggings, chokers, and black lipstick i ordered came in. i’ve been wanting black lipstick for a while because i really like it on me. when i went to show my mom and dad the outfit they both hated the black lipstick and said it looked ugly on me. now, i’m not saying that aren’t allowed to have opinions. if you don’t like black lipstick then that’s cool. as long as you don’t get pissy about me liking black lipstick.

if the conversation had been left at that, we’d be fine. however, my mom decided tonight at dinner as i was making my food to ask whether or not i was trying to be goth (she obviously doesn’t know what goth is… a choker and lipstick one does not become goth) and that i can’t wear the lipstick to school.

it just pisses me off so much because it’s fricking makeup. i am putting something           T E M P O R A R Y on my face that does not affect you in the slightest. i just hate that so much. i can’t stand it. not to be a whiny teen, but this is how i want to express myself. i want to wear black lipstick and dye my hair and wear whatever. and it doesn’t affect you. it doesn’t give you a streak of pink when i dye my hair or put a black tint on your lips. it does nothing… so why can’t you get over it?

stay alive ;


hello friends

i guess i’ll introduce myself a bit… i’m zoe. zoe leigh. i decided to start a blog focusing on my mental health and just mental health in general because i need somewhere to go to just get it all out. all the bad thoughts, all the things i won’t tell anyone else.

i kind of want this blog to just be anything and everything mental health. there will be posts  ranging from how i’m feeling to self care tips. i just really hope my blog helps someone, somehow.

all that being said, i suppose i’ll dive into the deeper, more intimate stuff.

i have a nasty case of the depression™ and i also think i may have an anxiety disorder among other things. i do self-harm… including, but not limited to, cutting, scratching, pinching, purposefully hitting things, burning, not eating, and probably other things i can’t think of right now. i have suicidal thoughts. so yeah, there’s a bunch of things that i don’t really talk to with anyone else so i figured, why not share it with the internet for all to see? sounds logical to me…

i think that’s all for this post. i’ll be back soon.

stay alive ;

p.s. i love using the ™ sign so be prepared (for a break out in disney song).

p.p.s. it’s really hard for me to not capitalize the i’s while i’m on the computer but i must because aesthetic.