hello friends

i guess i’ll introduce myself a bit… i’m zoe. zoe leigh. i decided to start a blog focusing on my mental health and just mental health in general because i need somewhere to go to just get it all out. all the bad thoughts, all the things i won’t tell anyone else.

i kind of want this blog to just be anything and everything mental health. there will be posts  ranging from how i’m feeling to self care tips. i just really hope my blog helps someone, somehow.

all that being said, i suppose i’ll dive into the deeper, more intimate stuff.

i have a nasty case of the depression™ and i also think i may have an anxiety disorder among other things. i do self-harm… including, but not limited to, cutting, scratching, pinching, purposefully hitting things, burning, not eating, and probably other things i can’t think of right now. i have suicidal thoughts. so yeah, there’s a bunch of things that i don’t really talk to with anyone else so i figured, why not share it with the internet for all to see? sounds logical to me…

i think that’s all for this post. i’ll be back soon.

stay alive ;

p.s. i love using the ™ sign so be prepared (for a break out in disney song).

p.p.s. it’s really hard for me to not capitalize the i’s while i’m on the computer but i must because aesthetic.


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